About me

I am a creative and friendly individual. I studied fine art at Southampton University and completed my three year course with a 2:1. During my study at Southampton I experimented with a range of different methods and mediums: photography, video, sound, lino print, 3D modelling, sculpture and painting.

My practice at university primarily focused on photography, digital edition and conceptual design. I experimented a lot with different softwares and became very familiar with Adobe Suite. As part of my degree I took my own photos with a DSLR, then by using a graphics tablet along with Photoshop and Ilustrator developed them into creative visuals.

I am articulate and flexible with my ideas and working methods. Naturally through the art of painting I have developed a great eye for colour. Completing a degree has disciplined me to work accurately towards a brief whilst still keeping an open mind and allowing room for alteration.